Root Canal Treatment

At Dental Boutique, we invest in state of the art technology performing root canal treatments predictably and successfully. Depending on the severity of the infection, root canal treatment can be carried out between 1-3 visits.

Endodontic Treatment, or more commonly known as a “Root Canal Treatment”, is a procedure aimed at treating an “Infected Tooth” with a dead or dying nerve.


How Is A Root Canal Treatment Performed?

If such a tooth is left unattended it can cause severe discomfort or health risks due to infection. The common causes of a root canal infection are:

  • Deep decay
  • Trauma to the tooth
  • Crack or chip in the tooth
  • Occasionally, the cause may be unknown

Your dentist will first establish whether you need a root canal or an extraction. If a root canal is needed the treatment will continue as follows; a small hole is drilled in the tooth (on the top of the tooth for molars and at the back for front teeth) to access the root canal/ canals of the tooth/ teeth – This is all performed under local anaesthesia to provide a gentle and virtually pain-free experience.

The dentists use specialised endodontic instruments commonly known as dental files, placed in the root canal chamber to remove the infected nerve space. The root chamber is thoroughly cleaned out and disinfected, before an antibiotic solution is placed inside the nerve chamber to help eradicate any remaining bacteria.

The root chamber is then filled in with a thick rubbery material called gutter percha to minimise the chance of any future reinfection. And then the tooth is sealed off with two layers of filling materials to ensure a proper seal, to prevent leakages and ensure the success of your root canal treatment.

We recommend finalising the root canal treated with a crown as they tend to become brittle over time and can be subject to fracture due to loss of blood supply to the tooth.


An illustration showing the process of root canal treatment

Symptoms You May Experience


Pain And Swelling


Prolonged Sensitivity To Hot or Cold


Tenderness Upon Pressure — Chewing Or Touch


Discolouration Of The Tooth


Pus Drainage


Tenderness In The Lymph Nodes

Why Get My Root Canal Treatment At Dental Boutique?

Experience & Care

Having performed over thousands of root canal procedure successfully, we have our resident dentist who have a special interest in root canals to perform this highly technical procedure. Our root canal dentist is trained to ensure your root canal experience is as comfortable as possible for you.

One Stop Dental Care

Our highly qualified dental team delivers the most comprehensive dentistry all under one roof, without the need to travel elsewhere. We also provide state of the art equipments, including 3D cone beam if required to help complete your root canal with high success rate.

Root Canal Costs

Root canal costs vary based on the severity of damage, the number of teeth that need work, the materials used, and many other factors. For accurate pricing on root canal treatment, please get in touch with the team at Dental Boutique.

Providing Root Canal Treatment Near You

Receive root canal treatment in Auckland. We are also expanding to other major cities soon!

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Have More Questions?

We invite you to experience our no obligation assessment to help guide, educate and confirm which treatment is right for you. Our friendly and highly trained team are passionate and meticulous about creating beautiful and lasting smiles

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge, we would discuss all the different options available to you in your unique situation. We believe in supporting our clients in all the decision they make and tailor their treatment to suit each individual’s budget and lifestyle. Each member of our team is committed to serving you, so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything.

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