Our Brand

Our team of renowned dentists, dental surgeons and master ceramists, whose capabilities are exclusive to Dental Boutique™.

Dental Boutique™ is world-renowned in the cosmetic dental industry, having designed and completed over 30,000 smiles and growing.

Being critically acclaimed by a panel of industry experts, Dental Boutique™ has won multiple awards including Australian Business Of The Year, Dental Services Of The Year and Health Services Of The Year.

Award-winning and nationally revered, Dental Boutique™ is home to smile makeovers that personifies freedom of expression.

Dental Boutique™ masters the art of intricate smile design that is sculpted perfectly to enhance your facial features creating aesthetic harmony.

Dental Boutique’s™ signature smile makeovers are bespoke and naturally beautiful, showcasing impeccable line angles, surface texture and light reflection.

Each smile makeover is meticulously designed using state-of-the-art technology and is personalised and customised, so no one smile looks the same.


Our Story

Over the last 10 years, Dental Boutique has built a national reputation for crafting exquisite smiles that are intricate, naturally beautiful and unique.

Led by Founders and Creative Directors Dr. Reuben Sim and Dr. May Chan, the Dental Boutique™ team of skilled artisans are masters in tailoring, designing and crafting harmonious smiles, and draw on their many decades of experience to redefine the concept of smile design.

When Dr. May was 9 years old, she had a traumatic fall and broke her two front teeth. Despite going through years of extensive dental treatment, she still ended up with discoloured and crooked teeth.

The evolution of Dental Boutique was inspired by Dr. May’s personal story, to help people overcome their fears to achieve the dental health and smile they deserve.

With years of dedicated learning and innovation, Dental Boutique has created a system which delivers exceptional results, every time.


Our Craft

The Process

Dental Boutique™ creates smiles for people around the world, but the magic takes place at their practices across New Zealand & Australia.

Experience a personalised 3-step approach, as Dental Boutique’s™ visionary team of master ceramists and dentists work tirelessly, to meticulously design an exquisite smile you could never dream of having.

During your first Cosmetic Smile Consultation with Dental Boutique™, they will capture your unique story, fears, desires and vision of what you want your smile to represent.

Next, Dental Boutique™ executes a personalised smile design that is uniquely yours, bringing your design to life and for many treatments, allowing you to trial your smile before finalising it.

From here, Dental Boutique™ will collaboratively work with you to alter the shape, size and colour of your new smile, to your exact requirements, with a focus on getting it right the first time, before finalising your new smile.

As Dental Boutique™ has completed over 30,000 smile makeovers, not one patient leaves with an average smile. The Dental Boutique artisans are master dentists and with Dental Boutique™ meticulous processes, the expert team has the knowledge and experience in only delivering spectacular smiles.



Our Values

We Care And Respect
  • We don’t judge
  • We take time to listen
  • We care and respect your fears and concerns
  • We are considerate with other team members
We Deliver What We Say We Will Do
  • We deliver what we promise to do
  • We are responsive and follow through
  • We do whatever it takes to exceed expectations
We Do Everything With Passion
  • We love our clients
  • We love what we do
  • We create an outstanding dental experience
We Pay Attention To Detail
  • It is in the little details that make the difference
  • We do everything thoroughly
  • We focus on getting it right the first time
We Lead The Way
  • We challenge mediocrity
  • We have the courage to think differently
  • We inspire and empower people to achieve the smile they deserve.

For Further Information About Us

Our mission is to inspire and empower people to overcome their fears to achieve the dental health and smile they deserve.