Meet The Team

Dental Boutique has mastered what it takes to create spectacular smiles. What sets them apart is the environment they create around delivering the best possible dentistry experience in a gentle, no judgement, and caring environment.

Dr. Reuben Sim seeks out passionate people who are looking for a career, not simply a job.

Each member of the team has a special interest and expertise in their dedicated role, however, all have one thing in common; a genuine passion and care for their patients.

Each touch point at Dental Boutique works coherently together to provide a world-class experience, which is truly one of a kind.

You will receive unprecedented access to their team of nationally renowned dentists and dental surgeons, whose capabilities are exclusive to Dental Boutique.

Everything and everyone you encounter in their care embodies their aesthetic and artistic vision.

Dr Reuben Sim

Director & Co-founder of Dental Boutique Group

Dr May Chan

Director & Co-founder of Dental Boutique Group

Dr Aftab Moosa

Principal Dentist of Dental Boutique Auckland

Dr Graham Shaw

Dental Boutique Dentist

Dr Terrence Reid

Dental Boutique Dentist

Dr Natasha Manuson

Dental Boutique Dentist

Dr Aiyaan Abzal

Dental Boutique Dentist